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Jun 13 2012

Induction: Day 5


“All kids can do it.  You can do it, too.”  -Sherese

This wonderful piece of advice from my TTL (Transition Team Leader) will get me through the next five weeks and the subsequent two years.  Throughout Induction, we’ve figured out the “why?” of this movement.  Through sharing our stories and hearing stories of Memphis, we’ve grounded ourselves in the urgency and necessity of helping to close the achievement gap for these kids.  At Institute, we’ll learn the “how?”:  the nitty-gritty of vision making, goal setting, curriculum development, lesson planning, classroom management, and more.  During those sessions is when the doubt will creep in.  I’ve never taught in a classroom, and there are many technical skills for me to learn still.  Just as we must set high expectations and believe in our students, we must also believe in ourselves.  The first graders of Memphis College Prep warmed my heart tonight with their cheers about college and being “hungry for knowledge.”  If those kids are able to learn so quickly to achieve so much, I should be able to, as well.  Thanks for being along for the ride!

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