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Jun 13 2012

Induction: Day 4


“As Memphians, help change our city, help change our world, help change a life.” -Kenya Bradshaw

At dinner tonight, our keynote speaker talked about how each of us should leave dinner as a Memphian, invested in becoming a part of this community and enriching the world around us.  How very fitting since I found an apartment today, and claiming my square footage in Memphis seems like the first step toward Memphiandom.  I’ll be living downtown in an apartment complex that has some lovely amenities like a pool and fitness center, as well as private courtyards and a free viewing deck for Redbirds games (AAA baseball).  The apartment fulfills all of my wish list:  big kitchen, walk in closets, and balcony.  It’s also perfect for entertaining, which is something I look forward to doing with all of my new Memphis friends and also all of my out of state visitors (hint, hint!).  I’m going to live with my roommate from Induction, Jamie, because we’ve been a great fit so far and it looks like it’ll only get better.  We had happy hour sushi today (yum!), and I look forward to many more meals in our future.

Before the apartment hunt, I got to head over to City U with the other six 2012 CMs (corps members) who will be my colleagues.  We got to see our classrooms once more, check out textbooks and workbooks, and lay claim to advisor positions.  I get to follow in Mrs. G’s footsteps and advise our drama club, which I’ll hopefully be able to fill with students from my first semester theatre class and/or my second semester acting course.  I’ll also teach one period of freshman seminar, a life skills class meant to orient the kids to high school life.  I think it’ll really give me a chance to get to know my students on a deeper level, which will help me become more of a Memphian.  First day of instruction is July 30, my first full day as a 22 year old.  I have a feeling it will be the first day towards fulfilling Kenya’s wish of changing a life–mine.

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