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Jun 13 2012

Induction: Day 2


“There was this community feeling that we were going to help each other get the job done, live through it.”  -East Memphis Woman

Maybe I should give up control more often.  I was hired on the spot today after my interview with City University School of Liberal Arts.  I’ll be teaching 9th grade English, with a focus on grammar and the foundations of English to help with upper level standardized tests and writing assignments.  I also might get to teach an acting class.  Let me repeat:  I might be able to teach an elective THEATRE class.   I cannot contain my excitement right now.  All of the unknowns of the past months (and the anxiety in yesterday’s entry) have faded.  I’ve now seen my classroom–which, serendipitously, is the same number as my favorite English teacher in high school, proving once again this is where I’m meant to be.  I’ll be working with the Tennessee Department of Education curriculum with room for personalization and tailoring as I desire.  I’ll also be with at least six other TFA corps members in my school, so I’m really eager to keep building a sense of community while we work to embody one of the core values–team.  Everything feels so much closer.  I feel like I can actually start planning now.

Until I step into my classroom full of students in the fall though, I still have time to learn more about my new home.   We had the privilege of touring the National Civil Rights Museum today, and the quote above really stood out to me.  Although the “East Memphis Woman” referred to the Civil Rights movement, her words ring true for me in the work we’re doing now in this upcoming movement for our generation.  I got to spend some time with fellow corps members at dinner and after tonight, and the conversations came easy and the laughs were real.  My worries about this endeavor lessen each day as my confidence in this team grows.  I do think we are developing the community feeling that will help us get the job done, and I look forward to the day when we can take our internal TFA community and expand it to our students and their families and the communities we work in.

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